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Architecture is the manner in which we inhabit our planet. It is the age-old behavior of taking pieces of it and molding them around ourselves. Our dwellings reflect who we are as individuals, what matters most to us. Our collective settlements reflect who we are as societies, and the state of our planet reflects who we are as the human race.

The attitude in which we shape the world around us can be ambitious, optimistic, and dignified. It can also be hasty, crude, and myopic. I firmly believe that our building attitude is nothing more than a choice. A conviction that we indeed deserve beauty.

We depend on our surroundings obliquely to embody the moods and ideas we respect and then to remind us of them.
— Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness

It is my highest aspiration to mold the world around me in the most optimistic attitude, to build my immediate surroundings in a way that dignifies the human spirit, and makes my beloved Atlanta a better place to be. 

In my mission to fulfill this calling, I realize the grave responsibility of understanding what makes great spaces and places. I believe the agency to answer that question comes from exposure to a variety of building approaches. My architectural education and training are helping me to study and engage in a spectrum of building practices.

In my current role as architectural designer at Weidmann & Associates, I have the privilege of helping the people of metro Atlanta re-imagine their homes. The reality is that most of these houses were speculatively built in order to sell, not to last. As the spec houses age along with their inhabitants, we are faced with the challenge of making them work beyond their meager intent. 

In addition to renovating houses throughout Atlanta, I am schooling myself in drawing and painting. Observation is the best teacher, and I hope that by studying the world around me, I can learn from it and become a better architect. 

You can browse both my art and architecture work here. If you are interested in chatting about anything related to beauty, dignity, and contentment, please contact me through email or social media.